Blue Planet II 4K 2017 Ultra HD 2160p

Blue Planet II 4K 2017 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 9.7
SIZE 146.39 GB

Country: UK

Producer: David Attenborough

Cast: David Attenborough

Film description

David Attenborough returns to the world’s oceans in this sequel to the acclaimed documentary filming rare and unusual creatures of the deep, as well as documenting the problems our oceans face.

Story Movie
Nearly a generation after the acclaimed Blue Planet documentary was released, David Attenborough returns to narrate this groundbreaking sequel/reboot. Blue Planet ll focuses more heavily on mankind’s influence on the world’s oceans through both global pollution and climate change. This series features a variety of revolutionary segments never before seen in a video documentary, including: cuttlefish that hypnotize crabs to stun them, giant trevally that leap out of the water to catch low flying birds, and newly discovered dancing yeti crabs.

Blue Planet II 4K Review
Much will probably be discussed about the genuinely stunning photography in this series but it cannot be underplayed enough: it is imperious.

Beautiful, beautiful shots of wonderful creatures going about their daily lives, together with informative narration and innovation. All rounded off accompanied by a blockbuster-movie-standard score which soars and settles with the visuals.

This series took around four years to film, and I can only imagine what the poor editors had to leave out.

Worthy of a mention is the astounding super-slow motion on display. In oceans so vast, we can see single droplets! It is a brilliant series for all ages.

The BBC is unsurpassed at this type of documentary. And to think, the BBC costs UK taxpayers about 50 pence per day and some people think it should be cut down/split up/privatised. I really hope this doesn’t happen as, yes, the BBC has faults like many broadcasters, but when it does something like this, it really cannot be beaten.

Watch this with your children, or your partner, or on you own. It doesn’t matter, just watch it. And experience some awe.

One Ocean S1, Ep1 29 Oct. 2017
One Ocean takes us on a journey from the intense heat of the tropics to our planet’s frozen poles to reveal new worlds and extraordinary never-before-seen animal behaviours.

The Deep S1, Ep2 5 Nov. 2017
The adventurers in submarine explore the ocean and film everything around them.

Coral Reefs S1, Ep3 12 Nov. 2017
Corals build themselves homes of limestone in the warm, clear, shallow seas of the tropics. Their reefs occupy less than one tenth of one per cent of the ocean floor, yet they are home to a quarter of all known marine species.

Big Blue S1, Ep4 19 Nov. 2017
The big blue is the world’s greatest wilderness, far from shore and many kilometers deep. It’s a vast marine desert where there is little to eat and nowhere to hide.

Green Seas S1, Ep5 26 Nov. 2017
It’s our green seas, not the blue, that bring life to our oceans. Here sunlight powers the growth of enchanted forests of kelp, mangroves and prairies of sea grass. They are the most abundant but fiercely competitive places in the ocean to live.

Coasts S1, Ep6 3 Dec. 2017
A fascinating insight into the coastal depths that grace our planet.

Our Blue Planet S1, Ep7 10 Dec. 2017
Examining the role of human anthropogenic activity on the oceans. Microplastics and pollution are an increasing problem for the world’s seas, threatening the lives of marine life and ultimately impacting on the ecosystem.

Oceans of Wonder S1, Ep8 1 Jan. 2018
This extended special takes you on a journey from the equator to the unexplored depths of the ocean, meeting all the best-loved characters from the series.

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