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Ghost in the Shell 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p

Ghost in the Shell 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 8.00
SIZE 54.71 GB

Film description

2029 year. The borders between states have finally collapsed, thanks to ubiquitous computer networks and cyber technologies. When a long-sought hacker named Puppet Master begins to interfere in politics, the 9th Department of the Ministry of Public Security, a group of cybernetic-modified police officers, gets the task to find and stop a hacker. But in the course of the investigation, the question arises: who is the Puppet Master in the world where the line between man and machine is practically erased? 4k movies download reddit so much discussion there. Really worthy anime 4k got, download from us.

4k movie reviews
Ghost in the Shell, with all the visual stuffing, a very unusual anime project. Instead of an action component, which occupies here a small amount of time, the main backbone of the plot was taken away from conversation – not deprived of meaningfulness, but also philosophical reasoning. Sometimes, the authors specifically give you to think about the real world, virtual and what’s on the screen. On the basis of good recharge, there are, if not questions, then analogies and other comparisons. In order to emphasize the importance of thought and dialogue, director Mamoru Hosea, specially shows the viewer long plans, from which even breathing would be detained. So much the picture can act on the subconscious, and you can not tear yourself away and mentally demand the next frame. There is such a contradictory hypnosis or trick with deception of consciousness, to whom as it is more convenient. In addition, from the point of view of cinematography – this is an art house dressed in cyberpunk anime.

For fans of just beautiful movies, this creation can come to taste according to its style, content and design of the futuristic world. The world, with regard to this tape, is only about thirty percent of fantasy, then, a very real everyday picture of the day. And then, the scientific element extends to the characters – cyborgs, where military organizations are woven, the rest is occupied by robotic technologies and cars. Ghost in the Shell 4K out in 1995, and comparisons to the real world can be traced without much difficulty. One of the cogs of comparative analysis is technology, in the first place – the military. But unfortunately, the real conditions for facilitating the life of people in need are not as noticeable as the struggle for leadership and the arms race. In fact, the anime carried a lot of instructive moments, its relevance, through such a large gap, only became more pronounced. An important quality of the ghost, there was a personal confusion in itself and questions about who we are in this universe, what are they intended for, what can we bring with our actions and how everything can affect the things around us. There was a place for humanity – capable of carrying in itself cyborgs – proving at times non-standard thinking and principles, different from most people, just the same much more similar to mannequins than semi-artificial people. But cyborgs are also characteristic, although not of the same type, but in some places strict behavior, which overlaps the independence of their partners.

Drawing a cartoon is excellent and fascinating with its kinds. Majestic panoramas, alleys and passages, as a picture, whose details are peering, you can find something new every time. Brilliantly combined with the camera work of Hisao Sirai (Elven Song). Kenji Kawai’s music completes the image of genius, without it, it’s impossible to imagine separate scenes. In addition, this is the case when the soundtrack necessarily wants to listen separately. 4K movies on reddit often discussed – many advise 4k-hd, these people thank you so much.

Ghost in the Shell Ultra HD – a virtuoso work, a real classic of cyberpunk, if you like – it’s even a movie, rather than an anime, it’s alive and creates the feeling that the characters are not drawn, but real.


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