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Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) 2160p 4K UltraHD BluRay HEVC 10 Bits DTSHD 5.1

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) 2160p 4K UltraHD BluRay HEVC 10 Bits DTSHD 5.1

IMDB 5.90
SIZE 25.67 GB

Film description

Alice continues her way in a world affected by a viral infection that turns people into undead. The heroine is looking for the survivors to lead them to a safe place. Her mortal battle with the corporation Umbrella comes to a new level …

Feedback on the film (Download movie in 4K)
Hard times have come for the corporation, more precisely for the main department in Tokyo, where the head of the corporation is sitting. After all, Alice and her army of clones are rushing there to finally decapitate the evil corporation that has brought so many ills. For the corporation is still aggravated by the fact that in this department no projects are envisaged. Only a human resource, armed to the teeth maximum able only to kill a couple of clones. After all, not just women, but perfect beings with incredible potential are moving toward them. Actually everything here is predetermined and this department of the corporation did not remain long. Only now the head of the corporation turned out to be a cunning person and still managed to derive his benefit from all this. Getting rid of all the clones, as well as depriving Alice of all her strength. What can be considered a small price for the loss of the department in Tokyo.

Then Alice started her way towards Alaska. In search of a refuge city and people sent there in the last part. Places where they promised green grass, lack of a virus and a readiness to shelter everyone in need. True, nothing but a wasteland with airplanes and a girlfriend with amnesia was not. Frustrated and puzzled, Alice and her friend go to Holywood. In the search, still some survivors whom they naturally find on their own. A group of people who decided that it was much better to be entrenched in prison than to be on the road forever. Having met with them, Alice learns that it was necessary to look not at all the city, but the ship, which is just near it. It remains only to think how to get to all together. Meanwhile, some suspicious zombies are starting to get to the prison with abilities clearly higher than the average statistical zombies.

The evil spirits this time
Project Alice – No external changes. It has speed, maneuverability and quickness. Her abilities continued to develop, making her even more powerful.
Clones Alice – Look above.
Zombies slow – Dead people, revived as a result of the virus. Slowly moving and trying to satisfy one’s hunger hunger.
Zombies with tentacles – Fast, spiteful, swims under the water and makes tunnels. He grabs people and drags his tentacles to unknown expanses.
Heavy zombie with a hammer – A huge monster with a hefty hammer and superhuman physical strength. Extremely hardy.
Advanced refreshed dogs – Quickly run undergo training and receive an advanced jaw.
Head of the corporation – After the improvement, the virus became stronger, harder, faster, and also acquired a couple of side effects. Because of what he needs constant efforts to remain in human form. For this, the gene material of people is used.

A good continuation with shooting, fights, a touch of humor and a bunch of all evil spirits, which again looked good. Especially liked the new dogs and zombies with tentacles that somehow resembled Cthulhu. Also respect for the actor Wentworth Miller, who again was forced to be imprisoned and have a plan for escape. It’s like in the good old days, when he was Michael Scofield in the series escape. What’s up to the drawbacks is that there are many scenes where there is a slow-motion and some alienation from the trilogy.


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