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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 4K 1939

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 4K 1939

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The naive idealist Jefferson Smith, the leader of the scout organization, has been appointed representative to the Senate. He is teaming up with a senior senator from his state, but he does not suspect how many people around him are playing a double game and follow the orders of their superiors. The naive young senator is faced with corruption, dirty play, deceit and bias of the press.

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One of the senators dies, lobbying for the interests of one of the business leaders. In place of his corrupt political bumps of the state are replaced in the face of the local movement by the scout battle of Jefferson Smith. Smith, an idealist, can recite the declaration of independence by heart, but he does not suspect that his role as senator is to be a political puppet. Trying to do something at the new post, Mr. Smith submits a bill on the creation of a children’s camp, which has been successfully heard from the beginning, until it turns out that the place where the camp should be located is exactly where the dam and loan should the construction was just lobbied by the people who pushed Smith into the Senate. This is where the political intrigue begins, the dirty game and political corruption. The question is whether Smith will be able to defend his ideals and clear his reputation of a pile of dirt that political opponents poured on him.

Frank Kapra is one of the geniuses of the era of the “golden era of Hollywood.” Indeed, almost all of his films were a huge success with the audience, with critics, appear on the lists of cinema masterpieces. Just in the list of these same masterpieces and includes “Mr. Smith is going to Washington.” It should be noted that 1939 was a fruitful year for cinematic events, because this year the aforementioned Capra film was released, as well as Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of OZ and Stagecoach. Especially acute was the struggle with the Oscar. The sympathies of the academics, and not surprisingly, were on the side of the film adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s novel, and Mr. Smith was content with only a figurine for the script, and the remaining 10 nominations remained with them (film; male role (James Stewart); male supporting role (Harry Carey); supporting actor (Claude Raines); director (Frank Kapra); adapted script; artist’s work; sound; editing; music).

What is this movie good for? To many. Firstly, the unique James Stuart, who played Jefferson Smith perfectly, is comedic, sweet and at the same time true. His speech in the Senate is just a splash. Then a great atmosphere and a demonstration of how the naive dreams of an idealist almost break on the rocks of the cruel world of politics. Just the backstage world of politics is very well shown, and no matter who speaks of democratic values, but such a picture has always been and still is. It should be borne in mind that the film should be positive and it’s kind of like a melodramatic comedy, and also a role model, so justice wins. And rightly, there must always be faith in justice and a bright future. My only personal nit-picking was the understatement of the finale, all the same I wanted to see a continuation of how events developed further and the development of the romantic line that had begun (yes, and this is also in the film). And the rest is almost the standard of political comedy (I note – it is comedy, not satire).

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