12 Strong 4K 2018 Ultra HD 2160p

12 Strong 4K 2018 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 6.6
SIZE 48.08 GB

Film description

12 Strong 4K blu ray films download. Story movie: They were thrown into hell after September 11, when the world split into “before” and “after”. It was they who were on the front line to fight the enemy who did not know mercy. On the foreign land the advantage of the horsemen – this was taught to them by unexpected allies. Together they will try to keep the world from plunging into chaos.

4k movie reviews
Probably, it is not necessary to disassemble the truthfulness and honesty of this heroic epic. The fact that bin Laden – a friend of George W. Bush, and the tower blew up the CIA – knows every excellent student of the conspiracy theory. This english 4k movie is about something else – about meeting people of different cultures and their joint struggle against “evil”. If there is no cavil, then a good movie.

But how do we get used to the excellent, that in this film there comes up an unimaginable amount of cliches, stupidities and laziness of the creators. It seems to be beautiful views of nature, an interesting life of heroes, an effective war. But the whole impression is like from a Chinese toy. All the cloth is somehow torn, with burrs and an unpleasant smell of propaganda. The director as can, signs and allusions shows that he was captured and forced to do it. The main characters are generally deprived of attention, as if they here passed by and fought. Even the stuffy tie “drama on TV – righteous anger – everyday barracks – voynushka” does not cope with the task. The same “Monsters” fully use this method, but there turned out to be the strongest movie masterpiece, but here is some sort of pshik. A separate issue, as Michael Pe?a found himself in the ranks of the special forces, he even harps the Marine Corps in the belt. I think the rating of film search is the most for this kin.

But I personally am ready to forgive the film for everything! For trying to show a little bit of Afghanistan, and not just forever respawning the same type of terror.


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