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Allied 2016 Multi 2160p 4k Ultra HD BluRay

Allied 2016 Multi 2160p 4k Ultra HD BluRay

IMDB 7.1
SIZE 54.87+25.27 GB

Film description

1942 year. During a dangerous mission in North Africa scout Max meets the participant of resistance Marianne. Their feelings are destined to undergo a thousand trials, the main of which will be a test of truth.

To the most powerful heartbeat!

So you can say about the game of these guys in the movie “Allies”. In the next weekend, tear off your backs and straight to the movies. Robert Zemeckis works wonders since “back to the future” and going to his films means to be at the mercy of his director’s decision. There is not a single detail to which you could find fault or hint at absurdity in the frame!

The plot on the basis of which it is necessary to write books and stories (and I do not particularly want to throw spoilers), the only thing I want to say is a completely complete story filled with emotions and feelings of these people on the frame. How much I follow Zemeckis’s work, so much of his work is accompanied by his good old friend Alan Silvestri whose tracks turn heads from Forestus Gump to the current Allies. Marion Cotillard is gorgeous and increasingly appears in successful director’s projects, we’ll see how she will show herself in the film adaptation of Assasin’s creed. About Brad Pitt, there is no sense, and after the film “Rage” I want to go to all the films with his participation. Shooting and shooting in the film deserve special attention, the sound and density of the shot lays the ears as if you are shooting from the machine instead of Bred Pitt. The brains of the Nazis fly in different directions, constant tension and surprise at every minute, but the ladies will also be happy with the feelings of the heroes of the picture. If the movie, then only ALLIES! While the Star Wars did not come out …


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