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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) 4K HDR 10 Bit + REMUX Blu-Ray

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) 4K HDR 10 Bit + REMUX Blu-Ray

IMDB 6.6
SIZE 85.14+38.05 GB

Film description

Fearing that the actions of the godlike superhero will remain uncontrolled, the formidable and powerful guardian of Gotham City challenges the most revered savior of Metropolis, while the rest of the world decides which hero he really needs. And while Batman and Superman are at war with each other, a new threat arises that puts humanity at the greatest danger that it has ever faced.

On the road to justice

To begin with, Zack Snyder, one of my favorite directors. I was particularly impressed by his picture “Keepers”, because this movie Zak created the impossible: revolutionized the world of the screen version of comic books, made it clear that superhero cinema can be more than the usual popcorn-movi, showed that all this frivolous subject can be used Only as a shell used for the subtext of more serious thoughts. True, I want to make a reservation that the original source of the film was also quite profound.

Another thing comics about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice … Christopher Nolan has already managed to turn Batman into a meaningful, meaningful, one word character, with his virtues and weaknesses in the movie “The Dark Knight.” And Superman was never lucky, his “plane” of the image flowed from the film into the film. Even in the same Snyder in the movie “Man of Steel,” Superman turned controversial: so the director did not try to bend the dramatic line, Superman was still the same omnipotent master peasant, all empathy, in fact, was sucked from the finger. But Zak just did not give up, and decided to take on this controversial image thoroughly.

Here and there was “Batman against Superman” above mentioned master. And here, finally, for his long “career” Superman managed to find his “human” face for the first time. The first half of the film is excellent. Here in all its glory, the opening of the inner world of the “steel man”, with incredibly beautiful visualization, takes place unhurriedly. Such an existential drama about a reflecting person in a cloak. It sounds strange, but it’s true. And it’s transferred to as much as possible. Yes, and do not forget about Batman, his constantly tormenting nightmares are well illustrated, which explains the formation of his increased cruelty, before this theme was excellently revealed only by Arkham games from Rocksteady. In general, all exactly what I wanted to see from Snyder happens in the first half of the film.

The second half is a typical production setup: we need more action to gather more music. But here you can make a reservation: unlike the faceless and patterned effects in the Avengers, everything here looks to the head above. Zak, with his talent in the visualization studio, tries, as far as possible, to create a new form of aesthetics in the world of special effects. I would also like to add a few words about Jesse Eisenberg. To claim him for the role of Lex Luthor originally looked like a dubious venture, but when he saw him in the film, all doubts developed. He played it great. This find is worthy of respect. The character turned out brazen, bold, witty.
HDR film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, download 4k uhd.
True, there is no thin without good, especially for Batman fans. A sad moment in the second half of the film was the presentation of Bates as a slow-witted, malevolent avenger, for whom everything is done by his technique and butler. Plus, Ben Affleck looks a bit comical in the suit. His face in the mask creates the image of some “collective farmer” who does not understand at all what is happening. This undoubtedly warps, because in any other works, Batman is a way of heightened wisdom, ingenuity and wit. As a result, in the film, we see the whole emphasis on Superman … and multi-faceted Batman will have to enjoy, if only by reconsidering the Dark Knight.

In general, we can say: an incredibly beautiful three-hour video art about a superman with a “human” face.


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