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Breathless 4K 1960 FRENCH

Breathless 4K 1960 FRENCH

IMDB 7.8
SIZE 39.72 GB

Film description

Circumstances are such that Jesse urgently needs to get out of Las Vegas. This impulsive young man is not used to living by the law. He steals a car, and on the way to Los Angeles he has to shoot a police officer. As you get closer to the city, its position is getting worse and worse. It seems that the whole world is up in arms against him.

But, oddly enough, it was at this time that he met a girl who makes his heart pound at a frantic pace, then freeze from the acuteness of feelings. He waited for this girl all his life. But now, when the entire state police are hunting for him, you have to think about something completely different.

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I don’t know why when talking about this film everyone starts with the word “remake”? Godarov’s “original”, so to speak, I looked many times. But it only remotely resembles this purely American movie. Here everything is more American, more enchanting, more passionate. Unlike its measured, black and white French counterpart, the picture shines with bright colors, incendiary rock and roll music and a frantic rhythm of the narrative. Bed scenes are also more than enough, which makes the film a little entertaining melodramatic coloring before our eyes. Transforming from a real crime drama into a light “Hollywood candy”. This is also facilitated by the manner of shooting, similar to a clip, rich colors splashing right from the screen. It is noticeable that the director took care of the aesthetic side of this film. Beauty is the first word that comes to mind. Everything is beautiful here – the main characters, actors performing their role, shooting, nature, bed scenes. Therefore, of course, the film looks literally in one breath and it is clearly not the last. This movie differs from the original and the ending is somewhat open.

– ‘Tare’ means abnormal!

Well, the actors. Richard Gere and Valerie Kaprisky are both young, beautiful, sexy and this is their main advantage. After the films American Gigolo and The Officer and the Gentleman, Richard Gere was just on the rise of his career. Successfully exploiting the image of a kind of daredevil and macho. His hero does not care about tomorrow, he lives only today and does not think about anything. The only thing that is really dear to him is the beautiful Frenchwoman Monica, whom he met in Las Vegas. Obsessed with the dream of leaving with her to Mexico, Jesse in a frantic rhythm burns through life, never looking back and enjoying every minute, as if anticipating that all this is short-lived. Apparently to give the film a French flavor, the creators invited the actress Valerie Kapriski to play the main role. I must say, here she perfectly fit into this picture, easily playing the role of a sensual French student. In her homeland, the young beauty often graced the covers of erotic magazines. Maybe that’s why the directors basically exploited her excellent external data for the whole. Especially in such films as ‘Year of the Jellyfish’, ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Public Woman’.

– Only a fool will remain if you can escape …

American director Jim McBride very gracefully brings what is happening on the screen to other works of mass art. The hero constantly quotes comics about the ‘Silver Surfer’, lovers hide in the estate where the famous Hollywood actor Errol Flynn used to live, the final bed scene takes place in the cinema against the background of the screen with the classic noir ‘Crazy About Weapons’ playing on it, and the episodic role of Professor Boudreau performed by the renowned French director, artist and screenwriter Eugene Lurie, who also worked on the films of Jean Renoir. Well, as the main reference to the original, the name of the main character (who was turned into a charming Frenchwoman) Poicard, is the same as that of the hero Belmondo in Godarov’s film. I will also add that this film contains a large amount of excellent rock and roll music, huge American open-top cars and popular comics. By the way, this picture is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films. And it was from here that he took the Link Wray and Ray Men song ‘Jack The Ripper’ and made it famous years later in his acclaimed ‘Pulp Fiction’ …

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 1.37:1

French: PCM (2 304 kb/s)
German: PCM (2 304 kb/s)

English, French, German.


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