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Ghostbusters II (1989) 4K Ultra HD 2160P

Ghostbusters II (1989) 4K Ultra HD 2160P

IMDB 6.5
SIZE 53.39 GB

Film description

Five years later, everyone forgot about the famous hunters, as well as about the ghosts themselves. But they did not think to disappear … And this means that for the brave quartet again there is work. Now they have a new modern weapon, which will help them overcome even the most terrible monster. Ghostbusters II movie, a cloud of black energy hung over the city, and a river of sinister pink jelly flows in the city’s canal. The time of the last decisive battle is coming!

Ghostbusters II Review

The second portion of fun
“The sequels are always worse than the original” – such a statement is very popular and partly so it is. The continuation of one hundred percent hits is often a failure on all fronts. But from the rules there is always an exception, the experience of the second “Terminator” or “Spider-Man” confirms this and for some reason I thought that it was also with “Ghost Hunters”. The original was not an ideal, it was where it wants, but in fact this franchise was also subjected to the curse of continuations. But do not jump to conclusions! Now we will evaluate the situation in more detail …

What could have gone wrong? Returned by Ivan Reitman, returned the original composition – the advantages of the first part were to double, but instead there were many more shortcomings. To begin with, it is worth noting that the creators have crossed the line, which resulted in a large number of delusional moments. Understand, in the original and so it was enough senility and I do not mind, but this should be some sense! In the first part, it was and there was a balance. The heroes themselves did not believe in what was happening, but here there are many inexplicable things. Here are full of situations that contradict themselves and many problems with logic. This is the main reason why the sequel loses the original – there are a lot of strange and not logical elements, which in general give out a not even picture. Amused by me and the villain – with him I have the most questions connected and in general is a walking cliche. In addition: the city dwellers who are very foolish here, who do not believe in obvious things and … fuch, have uttered it! This tape is weaker (and without this not perfect) of the original, but it does not make this film bad! Of course, the minuses are unique spots on this interesting story and they can not be washed away, but history is good!

In the second “Hunters” even there are moments that have surpassed the original! In the first part of the story was fascinating, but in fact predictable, because we were represented by characters, what they are doing, etc. But then the course of events is much more difficult to predict, that is: in some places the film looks more interesting. The creators came up with a new enough and there is no feeling that this is a simple repetition of the first part. Of course (as I said above), sometimes they went far, but this can be forgiven: the sequel looks good as a separate film – if you are not familiar with the original, you can immediately take on the sequel, because you will not have the feeling that you are what they missed it. Films Ghostbusters Part 1.

Humor keeps on level. Jokes about feces are certainly not very good, but even this humor is filed so that you want to smile, and the whole thing in the filing, that is: in the actors. Thanks to their game, you want to laugh at the most nasty jokes. In general: the characters are still as good – from Murray to Ramis. Unless everything is just as weak Ernie Hudson. The guy Luis once again proved that he deserves due attention – his developing love line is extremely curious. The effects are no longer evident, as in the first part (but Lizun still looks more like a doll – but it’s better not to forget about the year of release).

More can not say more: “Ghostbusters 2” were subjected to many miscalculations and with detailed analysis, a lot of shortcomings are sharply cast into the eyes – some are small, others are more. But at the same time the cinema offers new interesting ideas (which sometimes go far) and the level of predictability has been compared to the ground. This film will not let you be bored – it has many events and you will even learn more about the personal dilemmas of some of the characters – it’s also quite interesting. So, do not dazzle yourself with the thought that this is a popular film that should be a masterpiece – it’s not. Do not overestimate this movie in advance and tune into a usual movie attraction that can be a worthwhile pastime.

And in 2016 the franchise returned … What was the scandal …


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