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Prospect 4K 2018 Ultra HD 2160p

Prospect 4K 2018 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 6.1
SIZE 40.89 GB

Film description

Exciting thriller in great quality, download 4k ultra hd full movies Prospect 2018 and other movies in 4k quality. Father and daughter are sent to a distant planet, where they plan to collect precious stones hidden in the depths of forests. Having got one, they stumble upon two dangerous competitors. Due to misunderstanding and greed between them there is an exchange of fire, as a result of which one of the people met and the father perish. Now, in order to survive on a hostile planet with a poisonous atmosphere, the girl will have to cooperate with the surviving stranger.

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Director duo Christopher Caldwell – Zeek Earl, 4 years after the release of the short film of the same name, brought the idea to life and presented the full-length film “Perspective, telling about stalkers who mine precious stones on one of the planets (in vegetation and landscape very similar to our Earth, but characterized by a poisonous atmosphere). Father and daughter mined stones, then to sell and ensure a normal life. Naturally, they are not alone who are the “gold prospectors of the future, and there are other hunters for jewels. Faced with a pair of such family contract is destroyed and the young C (Sophie Thatcher) have to get along with one of the strangers – Ezra (Pedro Pacal) in order to survive on a hostile planet.

In fact, the images of the heroes and their costumes suggest memories of stalkers (here you can mention the computer game of the same name), who went to certain zones of alienation (in this case, the whole planet), for the sake of the riches hidden there. Given the fact that in the course of the film C and Ezra have to face a sufficient number of similar comrades, criminals, and just renegades, “Perspective is the real movie about space stalkers.

Caldwell and Earl, like Jobs, created the product “in my garage.” They are directors, screenwriters, the composer for the film was clearly someone from CaldwellÂ’s family named Daniel L.C. Caldwell, plus the filming location is a real park in Washington state, which means that the cost of scenery and interior shooting is not needed financial investments for saturation of scenes with computer effects – by investing at least (necessary for filming the film), these guys shot quite high-quality fantastic adventure thriller with an interesting plot and, most importantly, the opportunity for the viewer to fantasize along the way viewing.

You see a fragrant area covered with dense forests with lush green leaves, but you are told that the atmosphere on the planet is infected and even in such seemingly ecologically clean area, breathing in without a special device can cost life. And you get the opportunity to present a completely unreal situation when in a green paradise a person is in mortal danger, since he cannot breathe normally. Why? What happens if he / she takes off protective suits? The atmosphere is poisonous because the plants do not produce oxygen, but something harmful, as in one of the Night Shyamalan films? In a word, questions arise and it is interesting for you to reflect on the answers to them.

Once again, foreign filmmakers are pleasantly surprised by how voluminous and ambitious is their imagination and creative thought, which allow you to come up with new, different from other stories (not all of course, but when you see and fix for yourself these moments – you get aesthetic pleasure and ideas, and from its implementation).


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