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Quantum of Solace 4K 2008 Ultra HD 2160p

Quantum of Solace 4K 2008 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 6.6
SIZE 53.55 GB

Film description

After Vesper’s betrayal, Agent 007 fights the urge to turn his final mission into a personal vendetta. In search of the truth, Bond and M interrogate Mr. White, from whom they learn that the Organization blackmailing Wesper is much more complicated and dangerous than you might think.

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We’ve all been waiting for him for so long! Personnel, trailers, press conferences, interviews – all slowly brought us closer to the return to the screen of Mr. James Bond! Girls, drop your bonnets! The most stylish and most charming spy performed by Daniel Craig conquers our hearts again. 22 film about the adventures of the spy of Her Majesty made her fall in love with herself from the first shots from the set. The film fans savored every shot, every second of the trailers, just to see the unsurpassed agent 007 again. November 6 came, and thousands of fans went to storm the movie theaters. I was one of the first to see James in our small town, and I was not disappointed.

Films with James Bond – the most popular and stylish tale of our time. The main contingent of fans – people, forgive me, “with a belly.” Such uncles from 25 to 40, who have not yet overcome the midlife crisis, who dream that one day, going home, an insanely cool car with an insanely beautiful girl will stop and be lucky to save a world, shoot with two hands, sleep with beauties, walk in a gorgeous costume and all this for the sake of saving the honor of their own country! The erotic dream of any layman. Well, girls and women go to Bond for the sake of James Bond. This man has always driven millions of women’s hearts around the world with his charisma, because he is phenomenal. Well, the younger generation goes to the movies for an incredibly fast and damn stylish action. But could Quantum of Solace conquer the hearts of every social stratum? The answer is simple: I could.

Bond’s 22nd film is simply magnificent in every way. Casino Royale showed a few years ago what Bond should be like. Depriving him of supergadgets and experience, the creators abandoned James to their origins, to their first assignment. In the “casino”, James transformed from a sugary boy to a tough and brutal man who performs a task with a bunch of corpses and a cloud of explosions, causing M.’s displeasure. In Quantum, there were no total reverses, unless the phrase: “Bond.” James Bond, “but more on that later. Our hero still runs, shoots, sleeps with everything beautiful, is cunning and fulfills the task of the government. Only this time revenge drives him, because the movie began an hour after the Casino, Monsieur Bond this time is a very evil beech and he is driven by a desire to kick ass foes, turning the task into a personal vendetta. And everything will be done according to the laws of the genre.

Quantum, in my humble opinion, preserved the atmosphere and the Casin principle itself, made a small turn in the direction of old films. On the agenda, if not the capture of the whole world, is its separate part in South America. We are again scared by sinister organizations that need the natural wealth of individual Latin American republics. And only Bond can prevent them. I was afraid that the rejection of terrorist villains in favor of big-bug villains would not benefit the modern Bond. I was wrong. Everything looks extremely awesome.

And of course, Bondiana differed from other fighters in her unsurpassed style. Only in Bond the most stylish opening credits. In the spirit of the 70-80s, under the modern brisk song, we are shown the unrivaled steepness of Daniel Craig, and after them there is an ode, sorry for the tautology, the stylish steepness of a man in suits for the average annual salary of an ordinary worker. The coolest cars, the most beautiful places – everything serves only in order to hit our hearts. An inalienable attribute were, and will be, subterfuge car chases and pawn chase chases. Everything, as always on top, especially the fight with the traitor on the scaffolding.

Well, we went abruptly to the acting ensemble led by Daniel. Well, his embodiment of Bond on the screens gives me the greatest pleasure. I repeat, he is infinitely cool. He knows everything. He drives airplanes, motorcycles, understands technology, sleeps with everyone, knows languages – he is simply infinitely great. The girls in the hall were thrilling from his figure, the guys enviably ate popcorn. And, Craig is the only person after Silsvestre Stallone, who goes lips R`n “B. And it’s cool!

In every film, Bond has a small dog that lingers after him every minute. The role that has already become a profession is “Bond Girl. This time, Ukrainian Olya Kurylenko, a star of action movies for gamers, became the background for Craig. Well, her appearance is amazing, like a beautiful backdrop, she looks. Yes, and running, jumping, shooting is very good. Congratulations to Olga, she played her role well, a good start for an unknown actress. But really dubbing surprised me a little. Emphasis is good, but sometimes funny.

We finish the personal analysis by Mr. Dominic Green aka Mathieu Amalric. His villain is just good. Looks like a face to Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, habits of classic reptiles from old Bond. In my opinion, very successful.

To summarize: James Bond brilliantly returned to the movie screens, Quantum of Solace confirms the success of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig is damn good, like everything that happens on a white sheet. Of course, one of the highlights of the fall and one of the best blockbusters of this year.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision + HDR10
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)

English SDH


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