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The Accountant (2016) 4K Ultra HD 2160 Blu-ray REMUX

The Accountant (2016) 4K Ultra HD 2160 Blu-ray REMUX

IMDB 7.3
SIZE 54.11 GB

Film description

The tape will tell the story of the mathematical genius of Christian Wulff, who earns a job as an auditor for the most dangerous criminal organizations. When the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance, headed by Ray King, sits on its tail, blu-ray remux 4k movie of The Accountant (2016), Christian decides to find a law-abiding client and conducts an audit in the company for the production of the latest robotics, where a financial department employee discovered a “nasty piece” of millions of dollars. But it’s up to Christian to take up the bills and get on track, as in the case the victims begin to appear.

User Reviews
The Accountant 2016 4K REMUX
The Accountant. In the original title of the movie * Accountant *. The long-awaited film with Ben * Betman * Affleck, Anna * an underappreciated actress * Kendrick, master of the DJ. C. Simmons and John * charismatic * Bernthal. The budget of the film is 44 million. Well, he does not need more. There is a certain category of unusual thrillers. There you can include * a girl with a dragon tattoo *, Disappeared *, etc. These films are extremely original in the storyboard and in terms of the atmosphere. Here and * The Accountant * easily entered their closed club. I saw this film half a year ago. Painfully liked the trailer with the music of Radiohead about a boy who is sick with Asperger’s syndrome and at the same time in the future he became a brilliant auditor with clients in the form of large criminal organizations. Very bribed casting and the very theme of the film. Of course, this film product really liked! Scenes of fights and shooting are set very effectively, just remember John Wick. Here is a very strong theme of fathers and children. The father (an officer of the US Army), learning about the prospects of his son’s development, did not regret him, but prepared him for a real cruel world. That is, the drama in the film is enough, which makes it not a typical * empty and meaningless * action movie where only the cartridges fall to the floor in slow motion. This is what the viewer needs. Cocktail of real feelings on the screen, diluted by strong action scenes. This is the secret of success.

The character played by Affleck is very interesting. His analytical skills are amazing, and his combat skills are aligned with the same John Wick (Hello Keanu Reeves), and at the same time he is a closed-minded, unsociable, engrossed solely by the auditor. For this character I want to observe, he is attractive. Anna Kendrick is also a good boy, finally got herself a good role in the film * of the first line *. Nefig acted only in stupid comedies on the third and fourth roles. In general, there are a lot of really strong scenes in the film, especially the last scene of the meeting. I will say frankly – right down to the creeps, I got a 100% actor’s play. But after all, if you rarely think about what happens on the screen, it really touches you alive. Blu-ray ultra hd The Accountant (2016). As everywhere in the films there are minuses, though insignificant. As critics write – the storyline of policemen from the Ministry of Finance to ugliness is meaningless, it does not lead to anything and it would be better to concentrate on the story of the main character and accountants. Again. The secret of the film’s success in addressing important topics: the theme of fathers and children, children with developmental features, the theme of the family. All this in a wrapper of a strong action. Just 5+ gentlemen! All jogging to the cinema and without asking questions.


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