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The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story 4K HDR 10bit BT2020 Chroma 422 Edition DTS HD

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story 4K HDR 10bit BT2020 Chroma 422 Edition DTS HD

IMDB 8.00
SIZE 43.30 GB

Film description

The resistance gathers a detachment to carry out a special mission – it is necessary to steal the drawings of the most perfect and deadly weapons of the Empire. The unarmed and fearless Jin Erso, who has personal motives in this self-destructive task, leads the fighters. Not everyone is destined to return home, but the heroes are ready for this, because the fate of the Galaxy is at stake.

Review of the film:
Outcast was a member of the family
“Star Wars” is a giant project. History is so loved by everyone that any interference in it is doomed to close analysis on the shelves. Everything: sound, picture, manner of shooting, costumes, landscapes – must correspond to the main idea and the given tone. Inadmissible liberty. That’s why not every director will agree to shoot a spin-off, in fact, preceding the main events. For the creators of the film, this is a true punishment. Step left or right – literally shooting the army of fans.

“Outcast-one” tells the story of the rebels who captured the “Death Star” plans, which will then be used in the fourth episode. In the “New Hope” there is literally a small phrase that many people died, getting these drawings. And now we have a chance to find out at what price this was done. The film opens the fans the opportunity to look at the battles and sacrifices away from the main front.

We must pay tribute to Edwards, he made a great film. He well conveyed the atmosphere of events before the fourth episode. Considering the fact that the final of the film is known to everyone, to make it dramatic, it was not an easy task.

The actors coped well. Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are somewhat apprehensive at first. But they justified themselves pretty quickly. Their game is even, corresponds to the spirit of the franchise. It’s a pity little screen time given to Mikkelson. He seems to be a good choice from the first frames.

Events develop dynamically throughout the movie, you will not be bored. This is a full story of the “Star Wars”. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine a film without the Jedi, lightsabers and the influence of the Force. But the creators, apparently knowing this very well, got out of the situation. First, there was Darth Vader, which means that there will be a lightsaber. But he is a Sith. What about the Jedi? During the time in which the film unfolds, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda are alive. But they, as the film’s authors promised, do not take part in the Outcast. The way out was in the person of a monk of an ancient temple, in which crystals are protected, which are used in lightsabers. The monk is not a Jedi. But he is familiar with the power and at times is able to feel her a little. Honestly, it is this “surrogate” of the Jedi that is an annoying element. Either because he uses power, but is not a Jedi, which was a bold and dangerous find of writers. Either because he constantly chatter like a mantra phrase about the Force. I’m sure that franchise lovers did not immediately take him into the world of “Star Wars”, giving a chance to prove themselves. (I removed the ball from the evaluation here)

Curious looks like the style of spin-off. No standard screensaver at the beginning of the episode. The general musical scheme is very similar to the classical, but slightly modified. Thus, the filmmakers seem to hint that Izgoy is a bit out of the general line of the franchise. However, the film is full of references to the sign elements. I take off my hat for the incarnation on the screen of General Tarkin. Also luminescent were R2D2 and C3PO. As without them. Well, in the final of the film – it’s just a huge thank you, I will not say for what. I will say only, after inspecting to the end, you will be truly rewarded! Be sure your emotions go off scale.

Thus, the film “Izgoy-one” – took a worthy place in the franchise series forever. Now if you are going to review the “Star Wars”, then you must add it between the third and fourth episodes.


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