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The Great Escape 4K 1963

The Great Escape 4K 1963

IMDB 8.2
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Film description

American, British and Canadian prisoners of war carry out a mass escape from a German camp during World War II.

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It is a well-known fact that the British and American prisoners of war in captivity were treated much softer than the Russians, observing all conventions on the rights of prisoners. In the film, they have freedom of action (within reason), good food, showers, various tools for escaping, and a good attitude towards them from the Germans (I would even call loyal). Not a single prisoner of war was beaten in the picture. It is hard to believe that prisoners of war repeatedly escaping (before the ‘Great Escape’), after being caught, got off with several days of punishment cell. At the same time, it is indicated that the film is as close as possible to real events. Here are some, in my opinion, the disadvantages of this picture:

1) The acting of all the actors is weak, you don’t trust anyone. True, for 1963 the work of actors can be called standard or normal, but in the 21st century it is difficult to turn a blind eye to this.

2) Despite the fact that this is a dramatic film, it is impossible to watch many moments from the film without laughter, it looks so stupid. For example, prisoners tried to escape by hiding in timber trucks, which the Germans then checked with pitchforks. The prisoner, realizing this, climbs out of the truck and, miraculously, not only is he not punished, and words are not spoken against.

3) From the death of one prisoner who could not stand the confinement, they make a universal drama, when millions of people died in the war, as if this event was out of the ordinary. Trying to prevent this murder, the hero of Steve McQueen beats a German soldier, he is not put in a punishment cell and is not killed. Continue in the same spirit, it turns out so. After moving a few steps away from the Germans, this character says: ‘I’ll help you escape’. Very believable.

4) The character of Donald Pleasence, having spent several months in captivity, suddenly discovers that he does not see anything, that he is almost blind, while he forged documents all this time. And the character of Charles Bronson suffers from claustrophobia, but at the same time he is laying an underground tunnel, more than 200 prisoners, there is no one to replace him or what?

5) The Russian prisoners of war in this film are dressed worse than the homeless, their faces look like overgrown monkeys, they behave like people suffering from Down syndrome. Well, this minus can be attributed to the Cold War.

6) The film goes on for 3 hours, and after an hour of watching, I want to turn off this movie. There is no need to talk about dialogues, many are absolutely stupid and not needed, they only increase the timing of the picture. Just wanted to know exactly why The Great Escape is so appreciated by audiences (8.4 out of 10 on IMDB, with 60k votes, 100th in the top 250 films of all time) and critics (91% positive reviews).

It’s certainly not all that I didn’t like. But of course, the film also has some positive aspects: good work of the cameraman, editing, a detailed description of all the details of the escape, well, after the escape, I almost didn’t notice any crazy scenes. As a result, I recommend this film to those who love films about prison escapes, and I do not recommend it to fans of war films.

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