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Captain America Civil War 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p

Captain America Civil War 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 7.8
SIZE 59.02 GB

Film description

All fans of Marvel universe, we present you the third part of Captain America, join us and download uhd content. The Avengers under the leadership of Captain America are involved in a devastating incident of international scale. These events make the government think about starting to regulate the actions of all people with special abilities, introducing the “Superheroes Registration Act, forcing them to obey the UN.

Seeing in this agreement a violation of civil rights and spitting on everything he believes, Steve Rogers openly rebel against the new regime, leading a group of heroes who support his opinion. In turn, Tony Stark sees the meaning in the new treaty and becomes the head of the heroes who support it. All this leads to the inevitable split of the Avengers and the war between the parties. Fighting with each other, Stark and Rogers do not know that the mysterious Baron Zemo is already building his own plans, taking advantage of the schism of the greatest Earth heroes.

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This text is about the new Marvel film – “The First Avenger: The Opposition, which tells about the split in the Avengers team and the beginning of the battle between Iron Man and Captain America.

Viewers who love the superhero universe will surely appreciate the creation of the Rousseau brothers, because the third tape telling about the adventures of captain Steve Rogers is not only replete with breathtaking scenes of hand-to-hand combat, but also tells that in a large family, where without There were sharp corners, there are problems.

The very act of Zokoviya, referred to in the description of the film, painfully resembles the act of registering mutant people in X-Men, the very one that caused Magneto to become so angry. The act of Zokovii also assumes control over the actions of the Avengers, which causes a split in the camp of the gallant superheroes, which is only strengthened by personal ambitions.

In general, when I started to watch “The First Avenger: The Confrontation, I was looking forward to accepting someone’s side along the tape. You, dear users, will also get this opportunity. Personally, I decided that I would be on the side of Iron Man and did not change my opinion by the end of the film.

First, in the third part of the film about Captain America, Steve Rogers will show his egoistic traits with might and main. I will not go into details, so as not to spoil like a mischievous cat, but the scene at the airport, and indeed all his desire to help his neighbor, clearly speak of the protrusion to the narcissism of the star-striped hero with a shield in his hands.

Secondly, it was painfully sad to see Tony Stark lose allies. Here it means not only a split inside the Avengers camp, after which everyone has several faithful allies, but also moments that can be called betrayal, because when you go to fight against your former friends, you obviously expect that those who fight against they are back to back with you.

Thirdly, together against one, it is somehow not American. Here it is worth focusing on one interesting point: Iron Man has repeatedly offered to “lay down arms, stop and stop competing, while Captain America, in each of his fights with an animal face, threw himself at the opponent, and in moments of severe beating, and at all there was an impression that he would be ready to kill …

“The First Avenger: The Confrontation” opens up new and already known fans of the genre of superheroes: as expected, the Spider-Dude will appear here, as Tony calls him, as well as the Black Panther and Crossboxes. Moreover, if Frank Grillo’s character enters the frame only for a few minutes, then the hero of Chadwick Bowzman is one of the main figures in the film. I do not know how anyone, but as for the Black Panther – the opinion of him has changed in the course of the film, because he appeared a sort of fighter for personal interests. “You are not to blame? Okay, I went about my business …

The thirteenth film of the Universe of Marvel, as well as the previous ones, is replete with pretty funny moments. So, for example, the tension between Tony and Steve is removed by Spiderman and Antman, whose phrases and monologues cause smiles and laughter in the hall. So this is a fuel truck? And I thought the car was arching …

It remains only to wait for the “Avengers: War of Infinity”, in which, apparently, the confrontation will continue between yesterday’s comrades …

However, look to you. I do not impose my opinion on anyone.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby Atmos
English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)



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