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The Big Lebowski 4K 1998 Ultra HD 2160p

The Big Lebowski 4K 1998 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 8.1
SIZE 54.63 GB

Film description

4k 10 bit movie of The Big Lebowski 1998 download. Los Angeles, 1991, the Gulf War. The protagonist nicknamed Dude considers himself a completely happy man. His life is made up of a game of bowling and booze. But suddenly his happiness is broken, the gangsters mistakenly take him for a millionaire, they demand money that he doesn’t suspect anything, and, among other things, kidnap the millionaires wife, being sure that “husband will pay any amount for her. 4K Movie HDR 10 bit for download.

4k movie reviews
Despite the fact that “The Big Lebowski 4K does not need presentation and advertising, I could not resist the temptation to drop a few lines and insert my five kopecks.

Long time did not look at this hilarious picture, although at one time it wiped it down to holes. This is the only Coen film that I liked. A good comedy is a rare thing in itself. “The Big Lebowski 4K” is something big – a unique phenomenon that has become a cult.

Perhaps the most important thing in the movie is the script. Here, in this respect, everything is almost perfect. Sparkling dialogues, sudden turns of the plot and a strong literary basis, whose ears stick out so unobtrusively that even after getting acquainted with the works of Raymond Chandler, you will not immediately see them. Confusing history plays a minor role here, as in the book. It only provides the writers and actors with the opportunity to reveal the characters and gives rise to parodies and banter.

The charming anti-hero, “extra man, muddler and bummer attracts much more than the “business and successful characters he meets in the course of plot development. At the same time, almost everyone who appeared in the frame is exposed, one way or another, in a ridiculous way.

A special advantage of this film masterpiece is the duet of the hyperactive psychopath Walter and Dyud, floating downstream. It is a pleasure to admire their childish squabbles – lovely scolding is just amusing. It is even more pleasant to see how peacefully they reconcile.

It should be noted that this film is not for everybody. Not everyone can get aesthetic pleasure at the sight of a sverhchach named Jesus, cleaning up bowling balls. Someone is sickly rude and provocative of some characters.

However, if you are a connoisseur of real humor and not a hypocrite, you will not have to regret about the time spent on viewing.


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