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The Escort (2016) 4K Ultra HD 2160 WEBRip x264

The Escort (2016) 4K Ultra HD 2160 WEBRip x264

IMDB 6.00
SIZE 9,83 GB

Film description

Desperately in need of a good story, a sexually obsessed journalist is immersed in a world of high-class escort services.

Feedback on the film:
Quite an interesting mixture of light melodrama and comedy is presented in this picture. It’s easy, because there’s nothing to cry about, but there’s a smile where.

To tell the truth, I was attracted to the picture by Lindsey Fonseca – a very nice girl, but also the name of the film, of course. However, in the process of viewing, you understand that the director did not want to touch directly on the topic of sex services, but rather to show how a person is looking for himself in this world.

A lonely journalist (Michael Donger) meets with girls for sex without obligations, he does not want to associate himself with relationships and he is happy with everything. At the same time, a beautiful girl and, no matter how stamped, smart is engaged in an escort. And they meet at the right moment for both of them. The journalist loses his job, and the girl needs a bodyguard from particularly impudent customers. Over time, the characters open up to each other and begin to trust. The plot is readable, but the film looks easy and even a predictable ending does not spoil it.

However, despite the secondary, and the pending comparison with “Beauty” with Julia Roberts, which in the movie is also jokingly remembered. The film becomes close to the modern spectator. It is the modern spectator who rarely reads newspapers and magazines, sits on the Internet and is looking for sex without obligations. People leave problems and do not communicate in reality. It is easy to condemn the vices of others, but who among us is not sinless? Maybe for such a guy sexually, this girl suited best?

Finally I want to say that the cast has coped with the task. Fonseca is nice and beautiful, Dongger also has a certain charm. It was unexpected to see Bruce Campbell.

The film motivates to make decisions, teaches you not to give up. It’s unlikely that I will again watch this film, but a pleasant aftertaste does not tell about wasted time.


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