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X2: X-Men United 4K 2003 Ultra HD 2160p

X2: X-Men United 4K 2003 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 7.5
SIZE 54.59 GB

Film description

X2: X-Men United 4K for download. On youtube 4k movies is only trailers with this permission. On our website in each film below the post we attach a 4k trailer with YouTube. What is the movie about? Mutants continue to fight against a society that scares them, and they do not trust them. Their situation becomes even more desperate when they are subjected to a powerful attack by an unknown enemy with extraordinary abilities.

The sudden attack again causes political and public resonance over the introduction of ubiquitous registration of mutants and the cause of the formation of a movement against mutants, headed by William Stryker, a former military man who, according to rumors, conducted experiments on mutants.

4k movie reviews
Oh yeah! Brian Singer managed to do this. He managed to present to the audience a sequel to the movie “X-Men”, that other parts of the body fell with the jaw. Well, I do not agree with the fact that the prologue with Kurt Wagner is made weakly or without imagination. Then what kind of blind man should one be ?! I remember when I listened to the audio commentary of the authors of the script for the film, one of them said that visual effects supervisor Michael Finck wanted to create this scene in such a way that it seemed “visually interesting again, again and again.” With me everything is as it is: with each viewing of this scene, my breath catches and my eyes do not dare to close. X2: X-Men United 4K movie for download.

But even this single spectacular scene would not be enough if there were shortcomings in other aspects besides the creation of visual effects. It is felt that the script turned out to be more dynamic (albeit with banal dialogues), “calming down” only on short segments. So it’s not for nothing that David Haither came in time with two other screenwriters. The decorations from which the spirit can capture in some moments can become more varied. Installation is even. And the music supports the energetic tone of everything that is happening on the screen. John Ottman double responsibility is definitely not prevented. In general, Brian Singer did not remain to trample on the same place on which he shot the first “X-Men”, but went on to conquer the heights.

In the so-called pantheon of superhero films “X2: X-Men United 4K” take their rightful place. This film gives viewers the opportunity to ride on the most frightening attraction with a powerful wind, and not with the breeze. There are new mutants who manage to demonstrate their abilities with such a beautiful side. What Colossus is that Kurt Wagner, that Yuriko, that Piro, that Iceberg. Boys, guys and even some men “X-Men 2” will like. Explosions, wreckages, murder of bad gays – the rating of the film is appropriate.

It should also be noted the professionalism of Hugh Jackman, who responsibly approached the preparation of his role. Despite the comedic origin of his character, the Australian actor manages to add integrity to the character. Wolverine is a wild beast, so is a man with a good heart. Let him rush without hesitation alone for the whole army, but without the help of other proven fighters, he still can not do. How in any way this is not a story about Wolverine alone. Curiously, with every new film, Hugh Jackman does not cease to amaze his game, because it’s not a boring face. It is still impossible to imagine another performer.

See “X2: X-Men United 4K” without fear and with pleasure. It’s worth it.

8 out of 10

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1



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