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Yesterday 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p

Yesterday 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p

IMDB 7.0
SIZE 57.55 GB

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You can find and download the new 4K movies of 2019, as well as films that go in the top IMDb rating, at the link below. A month ago, Jack was an ordinary loser. Now he is a superstar, millions of people listen to his songs, concert tickets are sold out in a second. What’s the secret? Everything is simple. Jack is the only person in the world who remembers the existence of The Beatles.

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“Yesterday is a new directorÂ’s project from the English master Danny Boyle (“On the Needle, “Slumdog Millionaire), scripted by Richard Curtis (“Real Love, “Boyfriend from the Future). The film has a completely crazy, at the same time childishly stupid, but very curious idea: at one point for 10 seconds, the world went out of power. What happened – no one knows, and no one noticed the special consequences. However, something has changed in the world, and this was noticed by only one loser musician Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), deprived of the talent for writing songs, but having good vocal abilities. It so happened that at the time of the magic blackout, Jack knocks down a bus and he gets to the hospital. After checking out, his friends and secretly in love with him girl-best friend Ellie (Lilly James) ask him to play something on a new guitar that they donated. Jack plays one of his favorite songs – “Yesterday by the British rock band “The Beatles.

“When did you write this? Say friends enchanted by the song. After some time, Jack realizes that there is no mention of the Beatles in the world – records, digital versions of songs have disappeared, and Google for all the heroÂ’s attempts to google anything related to the group gives out only: “Maybe you mean: bug. ” Yes, the whole world has forgotten who John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are. It is as if they never existed. It turns out that only the unknown Jack Malik is the only one who remembers their songs. Although they were erased from world history, they remained in Jack’s head. Yesterday, people believed that they all lived in a yellow submarine, and today they live in a world where Coca-Cola, cigarettes and much more disappeared along with The Beatles, but Pepsi remained.

And Jack comes up with a brilliant idea: he had a unique chance to gain the popularity and recognition of which he had dreamed all his life. He begins from memory to play and record the songs of The Beatles, passing them off as his own. Popularity is not long in coming, and the film itself slowly but surely from an absurd comedy begins to turn into a warm rum, the center of which is music and its impact on people. Despite the fact that the directorÂ’s chair is only for Danny Boyle, “Yesterday still feels more like a picture of Richard Curtis. He wrote the script in his own spirit – easy, kind, filled with love. From Boyle, in the film, his signature love for horizons littered with almost 90 degrees and ragged installation.

For “Yesterday, as if all the stars came together, the duet of the director and screenwriter works in one powerful tandem. Thanks to Boyle’s vision and staging, the film at some point turns into a very dynamic dream. It begins to develop the feeling that the whole plot is like a hallucination, a children’s fantasy that has received adult realization. Curtis, in his favorite manner, focused more on human relationships. From the world of “Yesterday, in addition to the usual things, it seemed that all evil was gone, and all the negative characters of the tape are perceived, and presented, rather, as living caricatures of the world of commerce in art, turned into show business. The film is not afraid to make fun of modern trends, presenting the modern pampering of minorities as something funny.

Anyway, the tape clearly demonstrates that trends often kill art. The film presents all the songs of The Beatles not so much as songs, but as works of art. So the protagonist Jack sees them, so people perceive them. When Jack starts playing and singing “Here Comes the Sun, “She Loves You, and even “Back in the U.S.S.R. at a concert in Moscow, the audience goes on a break, enjoying every note and every word of the songs. But the music industry works a little differently than in the 60s, especially the American one. Big bosses weed out almost all of Jack’s “ideas about albums. “Make the album cover exclusively in white? Is that just for whites? Says the black man to Jack, not doubly blaming him for racism. The funny thing is that Jack is a Hindu and, as it is almost always the case nowadays, he never tried to hurt minorities, but for some reason heÂ’s hurt.

The characterÂ’s goal is simple – he doesnÂ’t just dream of becoming popular, itÂ’s important for him to keep the Beatles songs on. He alone remembers them, he loves these songs with his whole soul, which he shares with others. But important studio bosses constantly put sticks into the wheels, sometimes offering completely crazy ideas. So, for example, instead of “Hey Jude, in the song of the same name, the producers suggest that Jack replace the words with “Hey Dude so that as many young people as possible buy the song on a digital platform. It was at this point that Curtis ideally shows the artistÂ’s impotence in front of the studio, because Jack is often not allowed to insert his word, and nobody wants to hear about personal space and life.

Money, money, and again money, thatÂ’s what everyone sees in the songs “owned by Jack. Moreover, they do not listen to him also because he is just an Indian. Far from the ideals of beauty, a funny and largely clumsy Jack for producers is a bag of money that just pretends to care about how a particular minority will react to a “new song or Jack’s album. In fact, they do not care, they themselves do not mind laughing at someone because of their nationality or color. All this paints not only a picture of modern show business, but also adds a pinch of light satire over it in the narrative.

Curtis uses the concept of the “The Beatles magical disappearance in his almost-branded manner only as a foundation for launching the plot forward and for it to happen at all. The story concentrates on the love line, throws the characters into an amazing adventure through the low world of show business, hovering around high art. And, perhaps, Danny Boyle was a very successful candidate for the director’s chair, who shot one of his most non-classic films.

The picture by Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis “Yesterday is a completely and completely spectator movie, shot with soul, respect and tremendous love for “The Beatles. The duet of Boyle and Curtis worked perfectly well, although their tape does not have enough stars from the sky, but with its lightness and simplicity, more is not required of it. In a good way, you can feel the second bottom of the film: in part, all this is a complete ode to the British rock band and its fans. Spectators, as if by hand, will be led through cult and iconic places in the history of the group, will help plunge into their history and will be reminded of what art is that, alas, today is losing to commercialized dummies.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (60.57 Mbps)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby Atmos
English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
French: Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
Note: Spanish = Latinoamerica, …

English SDH, French, Spanish


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