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Resident Evil Retribution 4K 2012

Resident Evil Retribution 4K 2012

IMDB 6.7
SIZE 44.93 GB

Film description

The deadly T-virus, created in the laboratories of the Umbrella Corporation, continues to take over the Earth, turning the world’s population into legions of zombies devouring flesh. Humanity’s last hope Alice penetrates the very heart of the corporation’s most secret research base and learns even more about her own mysterious past. With no escape route, Alice continues to look for those responsible for the global catastrophe. The challenge she has taken in Tokyo, New York, Washington, and even Moscow will eventually lead her to a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything she believed to be true. With the help of new allies and old friends, Alice will fight for her survival and escape from a hostile world. The countdown has started …

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Who is Alice? And where does she live? What if she doesn’t smoke? What if he doesn’t drink? Well, we’ll take those faces, and weÂ’ll get to Alice! – the words of the famous song come to mind when faced with the next episode of the saga “Resident Evil. Retribution”. The figure of the main character still remains mysterious for me personally. The question is simple: how long will Mila be spread with all sorts of viruses in order to shoot the next sequel?

This time Alice ended up in Kamchatka, Russia. She now has her registration there. On an abandoned old military base of the Soviet Union. And here I would like to make the first compliment to the creators of the film: they moved the scene of action to our open spaces, which made the film for me personally, as a person born in the USSR, very touching. So, the Umbrella Corporation forgot about the differences of the Cold War and bought a submarine base in the new Russia. Business sit down business. And there, the corporation continued to play naughty with the T9 virus. The T9 virus and Alice are inseparable, that’s the answer to the song’s question “What if she doesn’t drink?” She periodically accepts in different parts of the saga any byaku of the T9 type.

In general, I find it difficult to say something intelligible about the plot of “Retribution”. There is practically none! The film is about ANYTHING. No moral and personal issues are raised here, no one touches upon issues of politics, economics and other things. So what! I like this! We are already loaded with problems from morning to evening at work, from the stands, from TV screens, radio, and everywhere … As if we are a dry cargo ship, which is only carrying a bunch of problems with a broken bottom. And director Paul Anderson and scriptwriters Resident Evil. Retribution “showed us a fast-paced action game where everything is quite simple: either you will be devoured by zombies, or you will pile on them. And only our Mila Jovovich can pile on the walking ghouls.

In each part of the saga, Mila appears in front of us in different guises. “In the abode of evil. Retribution she is somewhat like a catwoman. The work of costume designers made me happy and made me cry. If we take the clothing design of the protagonist, then the tight-fitting leotard with light streaks favorably emphasizes Alice’s figure. A real catwoman! But other costumes are a guard … When a zombie of the Soviet filling in an overcoat of the ground forces of the USSR, but in a tanker’s helmet, cuts an American special forces with a chainsaw, then you just fall out.

Winter hats with earflaps with red stars on zombies in Moscow are an example of a magnificent stamp about our country for Hollywood dressers. It was the costumes of the heroes that amazed and amused me in the film. I was very pleased with the red plaid shirt on one of Alice’s clones. Such shirts were worn by adults in my childhood, when there was still the Soviet Union. Jovovich in this shirt is so homely, so Soviet. Then we will be shown another clone of Jovovich, who is transported on a conveyor, like a coat in a dry cleaner. So in Resident Evil. Retribution is different Mila. And home, and blonde, and brunette, and a coat woman, and a cat woman.

Now to the technical side of the project. The film is downright stuffed with computer special effects. The abundance of bright and varied colors is somewhat dazzling in the eyes, but modern technologies are organic in this work. After all, the basis of the film is a computer game, and the saga’s success owes much to the special effects. Only in the classic first part of “Resident Evil” in 2002 there was one necessary feature: it caused a certain fear. And in the 2012 series, the horror genre, unfortunately, completely disappeared. Well, not scary! It’s a pity.

Now in 2012 we are dealing with fantastic action, action, but not with horror films. Personally, I’m sorry that the Umbrella saga has lost the goosebumps element. Rather, there is surprise, but not fear, more due to the scale of destruction of everything and everyone. I would take Resident Evil. Retribution “to disaster films. Although, this is both an action movie, and there is a bit of funny. How I laughed when a dried-up zombie in the uniform of a Soviet soldier shits from a grenade launcher at Alice’s car! In general, the vinaigrette turned out. I love the vinaigrette.

The film is also good because it is full of surprises, which partially compensated for the film’s loss of its intimidation function. I did not expect to see an eerie monster of gigantic proportions, to which a bag FROM UNDER THE PAPER was pulled over its head and an incredible ax handle was given into its hook hands. I did not expect to see the slogan “Workers of all countries, Unite!” and American special forces against the background of this emblem. It would be more correct to write “Zombies of all countries, unite!” Although I believe that the director’s appeal to Russia and the USSR, and this time respectful and sweetly naive, justified itself. This is unusual for Hollywood, and does credit to the authors of the picture. I believe that Mila would not act in a film where they would say disgustingly about her Motherland – the USSR. Still, she was born on Soviet soil.

The film “Resident Evil. Retribution “is based on women. Actress Michelle Rodriguez (Ryan) pleases in the film with a variety of images. She is evil, she is good. She moves from project to project “Resident Evil”, and does not spoil it at all. On the contrary, it brings “pepper”, so to speak.

There are many scenes of hand-to-hand combat in the frame. Man against zombies, man against woman, lady against lady. By the way, those who like to watch women’s fights without rules in the ring will love “Retribution”. How Alice and Jill (actress Sienna Guillory) are swiftly beating. Brunette vs blonde! Eh, they would still be dipped in chocolate. There is such a show: women’s fights in chocolate. I saw this in Moscow, which was destroyed again in the film. But the cars in the capital of the Russian Federation, according to the film, are the coolest, and GUM in the center of Moscow is all in diamond stores. About Moscow in “Resident Evil. Retribution, they say respectfully, and it’s nice. Only here the Arbatskaya metro station is absolutely wretched in the frame. And the narrow is creepy. I had to choose a brighter station. We have the most beautiful metro in the world.

In general, the film is fast-paced and looks exciting. Zombie-type dummies in Soviet military uniform and with a chainsaw are simply touching. Jovovich in the picture is multifaceted. And the fact that the film is practically about nothing, and the plot is “sucked from the finger”, does not spoil the picture. And one more plus: the authors, through the mouth of Mila, at the very beginning give a kind of brief excursion into the history of Umbrella and Ellis, which refreshes the memory. Overall, I love Retribution.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby Atmos
English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital
Catalan: Dolby Digital
Czech: Dolby Digital
French: Dolby Digital
Hindi: Dolby Digital
Hungarian: Dolby Digital
Italian: Dolby Digital
Japanese: Dolby Digital
Polish: Dolby Digital
Russian: Dolby Digital
Spanish: Dolby Digital
Thai: Dolby Digital
Turkish: Dolby Digital

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